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How to choose the right hot-pressing plate?

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Choosing the right hot-pressing board will have a very important impact on production, processing and use. Kunshan Hongxin Hot Press Plate Co., Ltd., one of the manufacturers of Suzhou Hot Press Plate Processing, will introduce you how to choose and buy hot press plate correctly.
Hot-pressed board is a kind of medium density fiberboard, which has excellent physical and mechanical properties, decorative properties and processing properties. The most important thing is that the hot-pressing board is made of small-diameter log, cutting, processing residues and non-wood plant fiber raw materials. After slicing, cooking, fiber separation and drying, urea-formaldehyde resin or other suitable adhesives are applied, and then hot-pressed to produce a kind of artificial board, which has the characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving.
Since its advent, hot-pressing plate has developed rapidly, which is not only determined by its basic properties, but also based on the characteristics of hot-pressing plate in our province: 1. Uniform internal structure, moderate density, good dimensional stability, small deformation and moderate physical and mechanical properties. 2. The surface is smooth and smooth. It has good machinability. It can be pasted with planned thin wood or with novel and beautiful patterns. Therefore, it is very popular in home decoration and is often used to make furniture and partitions.
Although there are many kinds of hot-pressing boards on the market at present, the quality of hot-pressing boards is not uniform, so we must pay attention to the following aspects when choosing this kind of medium density fiberboard.
1. Appearance depends on whether the thickness and density are uniform, whether the edges and corners are damaged, whether there are stratification, bulging, carbonization and other phenomena, whether there are soft parts. 2. When conditions permit, a small piece of MDF can be sawn and immersed in water at 20 C for 24 hours to observe its thickness change and whether there are small bulges on the board surface. Thickness varies greatly and there are small bulges on the board surface, which indicates that the waterproof property of the board surface is poor.
3. Choose the medium density fiberboard with low emission and smell when choosing. Choose the medium density fiberboard with low stimulation, because the larger the odor, the higher the formaldehyde emission and the greater the pollution.
The above information about how to choose and purchase hot-pressing plate correctly is provided by Kunshan Hongxin Hot-pressing Plate Co., Ltd., one of the manufacturers of Suzhou Hot-pressing Plate Processing.
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