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How to maintain the hot press correctly?

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Correct maintenance of hot press plays an important role in hot press plate processing. So, how to maintain it correctly? The following is how to maintain the hot press by Kunshan Hongxin Hot Press Co., Ltd., one of the manufacturers of Suzhou Hot Press Plate.
The upper and lower lining boards of the hot-pressing plate protect the surface of the hot-pressing plate. The upper lining board has a direct impact on the slab surface quality. Wood bundles and other dirt are often clamped between the lining board and the hot pressing board. The lining board should be removed regularly to remove the dirt. The upper liner is usually changed once a week in order to polish the surface and ensure the quality of the finished product.
When installing the lining board, it is necessary to pad the wooden bundles before pressing. The damaged slabs of different sizes should not be fed into the hot press. No direct pressing of fiberboard without liner is allowed. The steam condensate in the hot-press plate should be removed in time to avoid internal rust and local (or all) non-heat of the hot-press plate, indicating that the internal passage is blocked. Or the channel has "short circuit" phenomenon. Usually due to hot-pressing plate
The original fixed "plug" in the passage is removed or moved, but sometimes it is also caused by serious rust. If a large amount of exhaust gas is exhausted, the temperature of this part can not return to normal. It needs special deep hole drilling rig to open the channel for inspection, after removing obstacles, it can continue to use. Hot pressing plate found local leakage, can be repaired by welding, after welding should be tested water pressure, pressure is 1.2-1.4 steam pressure.
Double, and repair the welding repair. If leakage is caused by serious internal corrosion, it should be replaced.
The above related contents of hot press maintenance are provided by Kunshan Hongxin Hot Press Co., Ltd., one of the manufacturers of Suzhou Hot Press Plate.
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