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Scratch Resistance as One of the Quality Standards for Hot Press Plates

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2016/5/17 9:53:37 Hits:1462
The quality of hot-pressing plate affects the performance of products, and scratch resistance is very important for hot-pressing plate. Kunshan Hongxin Hot Press Plate Co., Ltd., one of the manufacturers of Suzhou Hot Press Plate, will introduce the scratch resistance property of hot press plate to you.
In order to better ensure the thickness of hot-pressed sheets, the curing of adhesives, and the properties of sheets to better achieve the desired results, it is necessary to apply hot-pressing process. Among them, scratch resistance is a very high requirement for hot pressing plate.
In order to ensure that the product can live longer in the process of use and reduce the cost of production or use, it is necessary to strictly check the scratch resistance and other attributes of products such as hot-pressing plates. Improving scratch resistance of hot-pressed sheets means reducing resource consumption to a certain extent and improving service life and aesthetics of products.
For hot-pressed sheet, the pre-processing is related to the later use effect. Nothing can be accomplished overnight. Only by doing a good job in the design and production of each attribute, can the product play its expected effect better.
The scratch resistance property of one of the above standards for measuring the quality of hot-pressing plate is provided by Kunshan Hongxin Hot-pressing Plate Co., Ltd., one of the manufacturers of Suzhou Hot-pressing Plate.
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